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Our gratitude is expressed by providing consistantly high levels of quality and quantity of our Information Technology services and solutions.


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We Promise, Partner and Believe

We add value to our client’s business and our staff associates’ careers.

Being a high-quality source of Information Technology services, we strive to be a part of our client’s accountable professional team.

Frontage Technologies Inc, is headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. 


IT Consulting:
Organizations involved in Non-IT industry have the dilemma of creating IT infrastructure to do their business. Many times their focus is diverted from their core business and business goals. Hiring and retaining IT professionals causes not only diversion of focus from the main business, but could also cause loss of business. Organizations keep looking for skilled and technical resources for short duration projects as hiring a fulltime employee would not be justified. That’s where Frontage Technologies provides its services to its customer.

Software Development:
We develop turnkey projects. A turnkey project relieves organizations from human and material resources. It offers readymade and custom solutions. We emphasize on understanding our customer’s mind to understand their needs and requirements, based on which a solution is developed. We train our users either on or off-site. We provide accountability for our work by providing excellent customer service for smooth running of our customer operations.

Data Networking:
We design Data networks for all sized businesses for efficient and secure wireless and wired networks in a Wide area network or a local area network for multimedia supportive applications. Being a product neutral company we offer the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs while being scalable. Highly skilled, qualified and experienced technology experts ensure implementation of the designed network and support its administration for a worry free and secure performance to meet the client’s business needs.

Employee Benefits

  • Vacation Holidays
  • Sick Leave
  • Bench Salary
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-term Disability
  • Retirement Plan

“Worked for more than 5 years with Frontage Technologies. The company policies are transparent and followable. Suresh is approachable and he will listen to all your queries and requests. One of the good companies I worked with.”

Anusha V Adduri
Present Employee

“I will be completing my 10th year with Frontage Technologies Inc. this October and it has been a pleasant and healthy engagement. Our employer, Mr.Suresh Yanambaka, is professional, patient and a man of his words. It is an honor to work for him and he has provided me ample opportunities and guidance along the years to better myself, both professionally and personally. This long relation is a testament to the above fact.”

S. Divaakar
Present Employee