Systems Analyst

Job Duties Implement proprietary and open source code for design and development of existing computer systems/processes using Java and .Net. Gather requirements for reports and data analysis.  Develop programs using Cold Fusion. Create reports using Rapid SQL for users.  Execute SQL queries to get the data requested in the form of reports.  Use and Develop reports using Crystal Reports with migration between different versions of business objects.  Set up the test region, prepare unit test plans and capture test results, provide unit testing, system testing, assist business with user acceptance test and assist change control team in moving packages to production.

Job RequirementsBachelors degree or its equivalent in Computer Science, Software Systems/ Information Systems/CIS/MIS or a closely related field. The employer will accept a combination of education or a combination of education and experience evaluation by an authorized credential evaluation agency that has been found equivalent to a Bachelors degree in the field of Computer Science, Software Systems or Information Systems, MIS/CIS or a closely related field. Also required are two years of experience in any systems or software analyst/development occupation.  The two years of experience must with Java, .Net, ColdFusion, Rapid SQL and SQL and Crystal Reports.

Job LocationFrontage Technologies Inc, 5221 Highgrove LN NW, Rochester, MN 55901 and other unanticipated locations in Rochester, MN and Minneapolis/St. Paul MN. Travel, if any, will be limited to these two locations.   

Hours of Work Per Week:       40  

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